Devin's Campaign

The Adventure Thus far!

Out in the middle of nowhere, there lays a small town. To the north lays a mountain range, guarded by a forest. To the south is a large river, to the nearest city. The name of this small town is Falcon’s Hallow, and it is almost completely run by the lumber consortium that is cutting down the forest. At first there was only Mirra, Kyrus, Violet, and Lilliana (with her trusty panther: Panda). They stumbled onto this town while traveling, and noticed there was a sickness going around. One caused by poisonous mushrooms by the water. They wondered around the town, looking for a way to help, when they came across an herbalist, and the general doctor of the town: Laurel. She knew how to cure everyone, but she was too busy trying to keep everyone stable, and too weak to go out into the woods to get the ingredients she needed. The small group of travelers decided to help this poor town by braving the woods to get the rumored ingredients.

The first day in the forest wasn’t so bad, they even managed to save a poor fennec from a trap. The second day was a bit more interesting, they found the first ingredient they needed, but also where attacked by a tatzlwyrm!

After yet another long day of walking through the woods, and around a small lake, they came across a small hut. Inside this hut, they were told, was one of the ingredients that they needed for the cure. As everyone walked into the small, damp, and cramped hut, they noticed there was a lot of piles of “junk”. They wasted no time in starting to look for what they came for, but as soon as they touched one of the piles, the large caldron in the middle of the hut attacked them. After a long, and somewhat confusing battle, they managed to destroy it and resumed their search undisturbed.

After dealing with the crazy hut, they continued onto the Dwarven Ruins at the base of the mountain range. Upon reaching these ruins, the small group wasted no time in looking for the last ingredient. They looked though half the ruins without any luck when suddenly they were attacked by a pair of wolves. They killed one, but the other fled, and the small group of adventurers followed, only to be greeted by the sight of a worg. worg.jpg

This worg happened to have the last ingredient, which he had developed a taste for, and was willing to “trade” for it. He offered the group the mushrooms in return he wanted them to kill some of the other inhabitants of the ruins. Little did the little group know, he was planning on killing them when they got back, for he did not want to give up his prized mushrooms.

While the group was out looking for the other inhabitants, a newcomer arrived at the ruins, whom befriended and joined the group. Her name is Nadeshiko.

To be continued…


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